Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have moved!

I realise it's been an awful long time since we last blogged so I will try to give you a brief update. And for those of you who haven't quite followed, and judging by the new title of our blog, yes it's true - we have left Sudan!

Our contract ended back in December after almost 2 years in Khartoum. It's been tough, very challenging, yet really fun at times mostly thanks to the great people we've met out there and whom we'll miss very much.

I will particularly miss the dry heat, dusk and sunsets over the Nile, the desert, dashing white jellabyas and colourful "tobes" (women's traditionnal dress), the genuine kindness of the Sudanese, and to some extent the Arabic language.

Below, some pictures of one of our finest moments at our leave-do party, organised in the desert with a couple of friends. We camped, barbecued sausages, played hippie songs on the guitar and cricket. I even had my arms tatooed with hennea for the occasion!

So Maa'salaama as-Sudan, but what's next? Well, we've just moved to a tiny central African country called Burundi, right next to Rwanda and the DR Congo. It is located in the Great Lakes area and Bujumbura, its capital city sits on the top end of lake Tanganika, surrounded by beautiful green hills. With ideallic temperatures of 30 degres all year round and about 80% humidity, you might call it a nice change from Sudan, and we'll try to give you our first impressions over the next couple of days...


Unknown said...

Can hardly wait for the updates. And pictures? But we MISS you here in Khartoum. Lx

"Ginger Beer and Nile Special" said...

You're so sweet (and probably the only one who might be following this blog once in a while :), miss you loads too xx