Friday, January 15, 2010

Our new house

"Chose promise, chose due", therefore as promised a couple of photos of our new house and garden, with views (with some imagination required during the rainy season) over Lake Tanganika.

Some of the things I missed the most in Sudan were green spaces, and a place to sit out without feeling barbecued in broad daylight. Well, have a look at this:

The fine-looking garden is the brilliant work of Antoine, who comes everyday wearing the overalls we just bought him and insists on concocting herbs that when boiled, he swears, "will soothe your heads after a few beers". Although we will try to stay clear of the said-herbs, I cannot wait to sit on the patio and slowly sip my Pim's or G&T while looking at the city lights in the evening.
Needless to say that we are extremely happy here, yet one thing still puzzles me: I cannot figure out why on earth a giant wooden owl would sit on our patio, nor who would have put it there. Of all the figurines we could have ended up with, we had to land that monstrosity. I am considering recycling it as a door-stopper or simply leave it here, with the hope that it will fend off thieves at night.


Emeline said...
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Emeline said...

Green, green, green! It is beautiful!
And I love the owl. It is a vintage piece if I ever saw one! :)

Love from Switzerland

Cristelle Joann said...

WOw nice nice nice !

xx said...

Guys, lovely place. I'm so glad you are settled and happy there, I think you're going to have a great time. Thinking lots about you guys and wishing all good things for you!xx Sandra and Rob

Unknown said...

So nice! I'm so glad things are looking good for you guys. That's wonderful! It was lovely to see you both in Oxford. Lots of love, Rob